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Ever found yourself gasping for air during your surfing sessions?

Struggling with fear, panic, anxiety or low confidence when facing a challenge in the ocean?

Lacking the commitment to charge bigger waves or push yourself out of your comfort zone?

Every surfer encounters those heart-pounding moments that push us to our limits.

 But guess what? We’ve got the key to conquering those challenges: it’s all about mastering your breathing and practicing breath-holding Training.

Introducing the “Level 1 Foundation Course” – your ticket to unlocking the core principles of breathing techniques specifically designed for surfers.

This 100% Online Program is your gateway to learning the essential breathing exercises and apnea techniques that will amplify your breathing potential.

 It’s more than just catching your breath; it’s about boosting your mental resilience and making swift decisions in those nail-biting moments out on the water.

Embark on a journey with us as we dive deep into the fundamental aspects of Breath Training. We’ll unravel the science behind breath control and arm you with mental strategies that’ll level up your surfing game.

Train wherever, whenever – no more holding back your surfing potential. It’s time to claim your mastery over breathing and cultivate an unshakable mindset. This course is all about elevating your performance precisely when it matters the most.

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LVL 1 Online Bundle Mobile
  • Skillful Breathing: Mastering Breathing Mechanics
  • Exercises to build a solid Breathing Foundation for your surf performance
  • How to achieve longer and more comfortable breath holds
  • The science behind Breath Hold Training
  • Tolerance to physical discomfort and mental strength
  • How to improve your decision making
  • The big 4 pillars of Surf-specific Apnea Pool Training
  • Self-awareness & Self-control
  • Relaxation & Focus techniques
  • Lifetime 24/7 access to all Course material through our Private Group Online Platform
  • A Training System made FOR SURFERS, BY SURFERS.
    + 30 HD Training Videos, including Theory, Breath Training & Pool Training
  • Access to Underwave’s community
  • BONUS: Pre-surf Breathing Warm-up Routine


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and start breathing like a pro!



frequently asked questions

    • This is a digital program you will have immediate access to through our private group community. Once you sign up for the program, you will receive an email with all the necessary information for you to join the group and access your Training Materials. As you progress in the videos, the next videos and modules will unlock. You can access this program whenever you want, wherever you are!
    • At any point during your learning experience, feel free to contact us, leave comments in the videos if you have questions, or/and share any valuable feedback related to the video!

    Once you finish all the videos, you will receive a certificate of completion, which allows you to join our L2 Advanced Course or upgrade into the Level 1 Instructor Course.

  • You will need access to a Pool only for the Pool Training Module, the rest of the course classes and trainings can be performed on dry.
  • Everytime you perform any of the exercises of the Pool Training, it is a MUST to have a safety partner or someone supervising you while you do your trainings.
  • You do not need supervision if you are doing the Trainings on dry land.

  • You can do the whole course and exercises using Underwave´s APP.

  • You can also have an additional stopwatch/chronometer (optional)

  • For the Pool Trainings, you will only need a mask/googles.

  • This Course is meant to provide the Underwave´s foundation training methods, so it´s a course available for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on breath training, breath holding & surf-specific breath training.
  • All the way from beginners to professional surfers have joined our courses and benefited from the training methodology, as well as people starting their freediving journey to more experienced breath holders.
  • The only requirement for joining this experience is having basic swimming skills, so you get the most out of the course.
  • Absolutely! And we know what you mean. Surfing can be rough and scary; the ocean can be soft but also intimidating. That is why mastering your breathing & developing mental resilience is a MUST for anyone pursuing ocean sports.
  • L1 Foundation Course will help you build skillful breathing & an unbreakable mindset. & an unbreakable mindset. Knowing what your body and mind are capable of, as well as knowing exactly what´s happening in your body during breath holding, is a game changer for any surfer. Knowing how to stay calm and relaxed when it matters the most, avoid panic & control your emotions through breath control techniques.
  • Regardless of your level or surfing goals, raising your breathing awareness as well as being able to control your breath better is a MUST for any ocean enthusiast.
  • You´re in the right place! If charging bigger waves is what you´re after, this is the first step you should be taking. No big Wave Surfer out there could ever feel confident without having a proper understanding of breathing and breath holding, and so should you!
  • L1 Foundation Course will provide you with all the tools you need to maximize your breathing capacity, and for surfers who are chasing the bigger swells, we absolutely advise them to continue their education all the way to Level 2. With these two Courses, we can assure you that you will have a complete skillset to feel confident and strong, even when the ocean gets rough.
  • We are strong believers that mastery comes through practice, and our biggest goal is to encourage you to keep training and becoming a better version of yourself. Anyone who participates in our courses will receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • However, to join our L2 Advanced Course, you will need to complete the physical requirements. If you are not able to comfortably perform these requirements, we strongly advise you keep on training and committing to your practice, and we are sure you will be able to join our more advanced programs with no issues! 

This program was designed for any surfer looking to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding and connection with Breathing & Apnea Training
  • Improve their overall physical and mental performance in the ocean
  • Develop Ocean Resilience and confidence to perform at your best when it matters the most
  • Overcoming Fear, Panic, Blocks, or Stress during your surfing sessions
  • Get the most out of your surfing sessions: build the commitment you need to step up your surf.
  • All the DRY exercises in the Course can be practiced on your own.
  • You WILL NEED a training buddy for the “Pool Training” Module.
  • We are extremely confident that you will enjoy the program, and help you reach your goals both in surfing and performance. Just to make sure you´re not holding yourself back, we are offering a 7 Day Guarantee.

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