We did it! probably one of the hardest years for human history is coming to an end, and although many people would consider this as a horrible year, I think this was one of the most challenging years, but yet full of amazingly valuable lessons, growth and opportunities for humankind to reach the next level of Awareness.

Having a healthy, balanced lifestyle has always been a big priority in life for most of us, but 2020 opened our eyes in many other ways.

We are now more aware about how fundamental human connection is, and the importance of being surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded people, constantly aiming for physical and mental progress.

“Staying Healthy” has become a more holistic concept: it is not only about staying fit or strong, but also about nurturing our body, spirit and mind in many other ways.

We wanted to take this chance to wish you a new year full of abundance in all aspects of life, for a year full of new personal achievements and breakthroughs, full of salty water, smiles & love.


Freediving Costa Rica is looking forward to having you all here in paradise for a new summer season!

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