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Welcome to Freediving Costa Rica! with us, you will experience and connect with the amazing world of breath holding and discover the true inner  human potential.

What is Freediving?

Freediving means breath-hold diving, being in and under the water whilst holding one’s breath. Today, most people associate freediving with images of superhumans plunging to the darkest depths of the ocean with only the air in their lungs, the power of their bodies and the will of their minds to keep them alive and bring them back. However every time you slip into the water and hold your breath you are a freediver, exploring our world of water from the shallows to, occasionally the depths.

Why Freedive?

“Why freediving?” many ask. Why would  you want to hold your breath until your body is screaming for air and see how far you can go?
This question might pop in your head if you have never tried freediving! Well, first of all, freediving it is not about your body screaming for air and not about suffering for lack of oxygen. Freedivers don’t come back from a dive looking like they are about to suffocate, but most of the time they break the surface with a big smile stamped on their face.
Why are they smiling? The feeling of gliding in the blue water, the feeling of being at peace submerged in this big vast liquid world, the feeling of becoming a sea creature, the feeling of belonging that makes us almost remember our real aquatic origins; all of this condensed in a 1 or 2 minutes experience, makes it very hard not to smile!
Freediving allows us to explore ourselves and to dive deeper into our body and mind. Many freedivers, if not all of them, will tell you about the similarities freediving has with meditation and mindfulness.

Is Freediving For Me?

“Is freediving for me?”. That is another popular question. People see freedivers in the water, they watch freediving videos on you tube and they think “Wow, it looks beautiful, but that looks for superhumans, not for regular people like me”.
Well, let me tell you that is not true! Always remember that we are mammals, and hundreds of millions years ago, when conditions on land were not that favorable to life, we were all living in the water. Our bodies still remember that long gone time, and when we submerge a click switches somewhere and it turns on a thing called Mammalian Dive Reflex. This makes it possible for us to adapt, very fast, to the underwater environment by preserving our body against increasing pressure and lack of oxygen. In more recent times, our terrestrial ancestors did this for centuries to gather food and other resources.
Freediving has lots of benefits for health and also has transferable skills to any other physical activity or sport.

Connecting with our inner freediver

Every human in the world is somehow connected to freediving. The ocean, the water,  the nature, we are all connected to this, and experiencing freediving might get you in touch with that inner breath holder inside of you. Remember that, as mammals we are all meant to freedive!

We will wrap this article up by sharing with you an ashtonishing TED talk by Guillaume Néry, a world champion freediver. If you would like to learn more about freediving, join us every weekend for our courses and have a life changing experience!

See you underwater!

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