For how Long can you hold your breath? Expand your comfort zone and develop mind resilience and ocean confidence


Have you ever wondered for how long can you hold your breath?

And you are also probably thinking, why would I want to hold my breath in the first place?

Well, Breath Holding is something very ancient within human history & nature: we come from the ocean as a specie and our physiology was designed once to be comfortable underwater.

What if I told you that, despite millions of years of evolution, our body physiology still remembers, and our body is way more connected to breath holding than you think?

Freediving, the art of conscious breathing and Breath Holding, has allowed to strengthen my mind, my breath and my overall physical and mental performance.

Holding your breath for long is not about the time, but actually about reaching a deep meditative state of pure relaxation and bliss, were our body becomes completely oxygen-efficient and we can explore and get to know ourselves in a very intimate way.

Through the understanding of this practice, you will discover your true inner potential underwater, which will transfer in more ocean confidence, which comes particularly handy if you are a water person wanting to push your comfort zone!

At Freediving Costa Rica, we offer high quality online and in person courses that will allow you explore your true human potential fully!


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