Surf Survival Apnea 2.0 Training is HERE!

“This is the ultimate underwater functional training specifically made to enhance your surfing endurance, breath holds capacity and ocean resilience”

As passionate Surfers and Freedivers, we are always trying to improve not only our own physical and mental wellbeing, but also constantly searching for the best tools to help others achieve their personal goals, reach their full potential and break through their own personal limitations and barriers.

We have developed a new modality of the original Surf Survival Course introduced a couple of years ago, to bring a more updated course, full of new challenges, experiences and a loooot of good, good, really good stuff.



The Surf Survival Apnea 2.0 Course is now fully dedicated and committed to cover as much Breath Training and Pool Training as possible.

Instead of spending tedious long hours covering theory concept, participants will receive all the information and Theory material directly through participants Email, giving them full, lifetime access to Theory concepts before meeting with their Instructor.

When Theory Content is covered, the Surf Training will be delivered in two separate Breath Training + swimming pool sessions of +2hours each, where participants will experience their true, full potential in and out of the water.

Participants will have to fulfill all the Training requirements for the Survival Apnea Certification.

Certified Freedivers will access the full online program + 1 free coaching session with one of our Head Instructor.

Yes, that is right, you will get a full private 1 on 1 call with one of our Top Instructors to guide you through and design a program specifically tailored for your needs and interests.

And wait, it gets better…

Upon completion of the Course, you will automatically join the biggest Surf Survival Community in the world, with more than +1000 certified students who all share the same passion for the ocean as you do.

What are the benefits of joining the Surf Survival Community?

Constant Online Challenges, communication with like minded people and instructors willing to help with your Surfing and Freediving progress, access to Coaching whether its online or in person, we can provide you with the best tools to keep improving your respiratory system and helping you reach your goals.


Get in touch with us and start your training program now. Train with the experts, train like the best & just enjoy the results!


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