“Panic equals Death” said Mark Healey, one of the greatest big wave Surfers of the last decades.

Learning how to remain calm and in control during stressful situations is something every surfer must face eventually, but not many have the skill to navigate an intense situation.

What had to be a fun surf trip or surf session ended up being a nightmare because of that one day you got caught in the impact zone, with a whole set of waves crushing on your head, and you, gasping for air after every wipeout, craving to be back in the shore.

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What is the goal of training Apnea as a surfer?

Freediving, which basically consist in the science and art of Breathing and Breath Holding Training, is one of the strongest tools and human disciplines to maximize self-control, raise mind resilience and develop a solid respiratory system.

Who would not benefit from having bigger, healthier lungs, feeling less “out of air” when paddling out or paddling for a wave or feeling more confident in your next big drop?

Learn how to manage fear, improve your reactions & deal better with discomfort.

Absolutely every surfer in this planet would benefit from Apnea Training, since is the absolute BEST WAY TO TRAIN YOUR LUNGS AND MIND!

Join our Surf Survival Course in Santa Teresa Costa Rica, and become part of the biggest Surfing/Freediving Community in Costa Rica!

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