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Surfers, Freedivers, Instructors, Sport Performance Coaches, Breathworkers / Yogis looking to add new skills to their teaching toolbox. The Underwave® Instructor Course brings together the most innovative, up to date Breathing & Breath Holding training methods used for surfing, sport performance and health.

If you want to help people build peak physical and mental performance & discover their inner potential through breath training, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

  • A proven surf-specific Education System
  • Physiology and Psychology behind breathing and breath holding training
  • Breathing Mechanics for Health & Performance
  • The Foundation of Surf-specific Breath Training
  • Improve stress management, decision making & Focus
  • The 4 pillars of surf-specific Breath Hold Training
  • Relaxation Skills
  • Foundations of Co2 Tolerance Training
  • This course offers a Blended Learning System: in-person & E-learning.

    All participants will have the possibility to fully complete their certification Online, In Person or in a flexible combination of both.

    • 1 month online course
      4 live classes (once a week) + pre-recorded material
    • In person participation to our LVL 1 Courses + Trainings to reinforce your practice & experience
    • Personal & Individual feedback and support during your learning process
    • Practice of delivery skills and exercises demonstrations (Homework)


    *All physical and teaching requirements can be submitted online or done face to face

  • Certified to deliver our Level 1 Foundation Course and lead Dry & Pool Training Sessions
  • Attend & assist any of our L1 Courses to gain delivery experience
  • 1 full month of training sessions with Underwave´s Founder Augusto Carrara to deepen your practice
  • Online pre-recorded content + Online Live Classes
  • Use of Underwave´s registered branding
  • Student & Coaches Online Learning & Teaching materials
  • Lifetime access to our Online Instructor Training materials
  • Underwave´s Community Support


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and start breathing like a pro!



frequently asked questions

  • The straight answer is NO. Although it is not a requirement to be an advanced surfer, you must be a person with enough surfing experience to confidently talk and communicate with the surfing community effectively.
  • Underwave’s methodology is based on freediving and breath training knowledge transferred to surf scenarios, so you must be familiar with Surfer`s pain points – both in knowledge and in flesh. 🙂

NO! This course is available for anyone wanting to share a unique tool within the surfing community. Having previous experience as a surfing instructor, a Freediving Instructor, or a Coach will be of great help, but it is not mandatory.

  • OF COURSE! This is a key component of our internship – During the Course, we will provide all the foundation materials and modules for you to understand Underwave’s full course structure. But this is just the FIRST STEP into the journey!
  • Even if you were not able to attend the in-person classes in Costa Rica, we can cover that in-person practice, whether is the physical skills or gaining teaching experience and confidence, we can do this after course dates. Count on Underwave’s team and we will support your whole learning journey!
  • All you will need is a laptop, a phone/camera to record/film yourself, ideally a mask (instead of goggles), a chronometer watch (any basic one will do the work), a notebook & access to a swimming pool.
  • IMPORTANT: All physical and teaching methods requirements need to be submitted online if cannot attend the in-person classes, so you will need to film yourself performing the drills and have someone spotting / doing safety for you during the in-water requirements.
  • 4:00min Static Breath Hold
  • 150mtrs One Breath Per Exit
  • 50mtrs DNF
  • Complete all Teaching Modules + Online Exam.
  • The best thing about Underwave’s methodology is how FLEXIBLE AND LIGHT it is! You will only need a stopwatch/chronometer, masks or goggles, and access to a swimming pool (ideally +12mtrs length but can be done in smaller pools such as house/hotel pools).
  • This means that you will be able to teach your Underwave L1 Courses anywhere you go if you have access to the things mentioned above!
  • After course completion, you will get your certificate, provided you’ve passed all the physical and teaching methods requirements.
  • Remember that this does not have to be accomplished during the Course duration and can be done months after. The most important thing to remember is that becoming a skillful instructor comes with practice and teaching exposure!
  • Before confirming and signing up for any of our in-person experiences, please reach out to us through the CONTACT PAGE or send us a WhatsApp message (also found on the contact page) so you can see Underwave´s Calendar & available Instructors in your area!

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