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Would you like to step up your breathing performance, hold your breath for longer, maximize your lung capacity & step up your mental game?

During this course, we will focus on the development of a solid Breathing Routine, diving Deeper into Breath Holding Physiology & gaining the necessary knowledge to extend your physical and mental limits further.

You will also be introduced to advanced pool training, such as exhale breath holds, surf simulation Training & Hypoxia Training.

  • The Breathing Routine
  • High Co2 & Hypoxia Training
  • Surf Simulation Training
  • Exhale Training
  • Packing, Lung Stretching & Thoracic Flexibility
  • 2 days advanced Course (+3hrs each day).
  • x2 Surf Specific Physiology Sessions
  • x2 advanced Breath Training Sessions
  • x2 Surf-specific Pool Training
  • +2 extra swimming pool training sessions to reinforce your practice
  • Access to Underwave´s Lvl 2 Online Content
  • Underwave Level 2 Certification
  • Underwave Level 1 Certificate
  • 50mtrs One Breath per Exit
  • Static 1:30 min
  • 25 mtrs DNF


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and start breathing like a pro!



frequently asked questions

  • Our Advanced Course is all about practice: since we have already covered the most fundamental aspects of breath-holding physiology and psychology, during this level we will jump straight into the practice.
  • L2 Advanced Course is a 2-day Course, each day around +3 hours, where we will show you powerful breathing techniques to maximize your lung capacity, increase your breath hold time and comfort, and develop Co2 Tolerance as well as Hypoxia Tolerance.
  • After the Breath Training Session, we will start our swimming pool session, where we will introduce you to advanced exercises such as Exhale Breath Holds, Co2 Laps, Wipeout Simulation Training, Surf-specific Breath Hold Tables & more!
  • After Course completion, participants will have +2 extra training sessions (Weekly Training) to reinforce the knowledge and practice of the course.
  • Practice is the priority! Whether you prefer to jump straight into Level 2 after finishing your Level 1, or you prefer to take some time to process what you just learned, the most important thing is that you keep practicing!
  • We advise our students to join our weekly training or a private training session, and when you feel confident and strong enough to continue with your education, you can jump into our Level 2 Course!
  • Yes, you need to complete our L1 Foundation Course to be able to join our L2 Advanced Course.
  • Not at all! Of course, you might think that our courses are related to your surfing expertise, but as we clarified in our L1 Foundation Course: Breathing and breath holding are something all surfers will benefit from, regardless of your surfing expertise.
  • L2 Advanced Course will not only deepen your knowledge but also your physical and mental practice, which will be a game changer to achieve maximum confidence in the ocean, which will strongly impact your surfing sessions.
  • Even if you are a beginner surfer, the L2 Advanced Course will provide the right tools for you to be in control of your breath during your surfing sessions, improve your overall endurance as well, and have more resources to endure challenging situations in the ocean.
  • And if you are an advanced surfer/charger, this is an absolute MUST for you!
  • Before confirming and signing up for any of our in-person experiences, please reach out to us through the CONTACT PAGE or send us a WhatsApp message (also found on the contact page) so you can see Underwave´s Calendar & available Instructors in your area!

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